Kids records of the 1950s

These were recorded from real 78rpm records some while back. I then used Cool Edit 96 to clean them up and burnt them on CD for several family members. And since I had them on computer, I encoded them as MP3 files. Truth be told, I think the covers (which Dad still has in pretty good nick) would be worth more than these recordings!

All files are mono (78 rpm discs were all mono) at 128kb/s. They are about 6 to 7 minutes long each, with an average file size of 6Mb. You may hear some mid-frequency "swirling" or "swishing" in some parts - this is an artefact of the noise reduction in Cool Edit. You get used to it. They are also not wholly clean, since the original records were worn a bit and I couldn't fix all the problems!

A piece of historical trivia: nearly all the voices were done by the late Mel Blanc.

You may find your browser playing them off my web server when you follow the links. If you want to save them instead, right-click on the links and you will get a menu. There should be a "Save Document" entry or something like that which will let you save the file. (Mac users either hold down your mouse button for a few seconds on the link, or hold Option down while you click - which one works depends on which web browser you have - to get this menu.)