Qompose (pronounced "compose") is a HTML templating language. It was created to make it easier to build a site with essentially static files but put most or all of the "look" of the site in only one place.

At this time, Qompose is a CGI script written in Unicon, a derivative of Icon. The attraction of Icon (and hence Unicon) as a programming language, and more importantly a CGI programming language, is the very high-level approach it offers. Unlike a lot of mainstream programming languages, Icon supports strings of arbitray length and several collection oriented types, including lists and hash tables, as first-class citizens. Like Perl, this makes it a natural for the extensive string manipulation often required for CGI programming.


The source code of Qompose is available for download. You will, of course, need the Unicon compiler from the web site.

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Contacting Me

Apologies to all who came here and discovered I never told you my email address! With so much spam and UCE about, I have to be careful where my email address goes. You can email me as static at this domain name. If I get enough responses, I'll start a mailing list.