To Do List

There are a few things I like to add to Qompose. In order of most likely next:

  1. An escape character for the start-of-line sentinels - probably \ and this shouldn't be hard. The same character could be easily used for escaping the trailing CRLF. Done!
  2. Make POST input available, probably via $POST|... and $GET|... $GET|. is in, but not tested.
  3. An "expand" op for the RPN processor so it can work with token expanded strings. Done, but not tested.
  4. A way of storing token content mid-stream probably using new operators $[ and $] and $( and $) as well as the "store" op (which has been added already). I plan to use $name[. $| ... $] to do in-stream storing and $( $| ... $)name. to do calling. Paramters would be available with $#1. $#2. ...
  5. I need another way to load files - something much more versatile than $< and preferably extensible enough for database access. I'm thinking of %< FILE in the eq section and $%< FILE in-stream, but the three character magic is a bit of a turn-off..
  6. In-stream RPM calls probably with $%= though again I think the three character magic is things getting a bit carried away. The RPM would basically be taken up to the next CRLF (obeying eol-\ characters, of course).
  7. An "include" op so we can dynamically include other token files.
  8. A few ops for manipulating token arrays, probably "incr", "decr", "n-incr", "n-decr" and "select".
  9. Now that I think of it, "store" is a little rigid. I think I need a few variants, like "store-insert" and "store-append".
  10. Come to think of it, there are a few other little ops still missing, like sign-change. -ve has been added
  11. Operation grouping in the RPN, probably with parentheses. Ideally, this should allow comparisons to limit their failure to the group, but I'm not quite sure how to code this. It may also require an op to finish the RPN early.
  12. Some DBM support, initially read-only but I want to be able to write as well. This requires I build Unicon with ODBC support :-/
  13. External modules, such as HTML verification. These would have to be in Unicon, as far as I can tell.

That's all I have in mind at the moment.

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