Setting up Qompose

The easiest way to run a Qompose file is to put the executable where it can be run via CGI. Then you refer to the CGI in your URLs followed by the name of the Qompose file. Put another way, a file you would normally refer to by http://yoursite/dir/file.qf would be run by http://yoursite/cgi-bin/qompose.icx/dir/file.qf

The other way is to configure your web server to be able to run your Qompose files by extenstion. In Apache, you do it like this:

Action qompose-file /cgi-bin/qompose.icx
AddHandler qompose-file .qf

This lets you call your Qompose files directly in URLs, a bit like you would call .php or .asp files. (You will also need to enable the "action" handler as that may not be enabled by default in your install of Apache, and perhaps the "cgi" or "cgid" modules, too.)

Note that these instructions assume you will be using .qf as an extension for your Qompose files, and that after compiling, you rename the Qompose executable to qompose.icx. Neither is, of course, necessary, but they do help to some extent in managing your web site.

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