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What is this site?

This is the web server of Wade Bowmer, also known as "staticsan" on several sites, and also on Twitter. I also have a blog.

I'm a writer. It is just that it took me a while to figure out what I write. When I built this site, it was largely a place to put files I wanted to send people and emailing them wasn't an option. I did this decades before DropBox. It still is a place to put files that people might want.

I do have my resume (sometimes called a "C.V.") online.

This page looks a bit ... incomplete (or broken or wierd).

Yeah, I'm not a graphic designer. It's not a skill I have. I understand HTML markup and CSS tags, but turning a vision into markup is not something I can do. Actually coming up with a vision for a website look and feel is not something I can do. And I'm happy with that.

What does "yceran" mean?

Which answer did you want? :-)

The name in and of itself refers to a fairly isolated island nation in a fantasy world that I invented several years ago. It hasn't appeared in any novels or anything, but I did run a D&D module in it once for some friends. In fact, it was so much fun creating it, that I began creating another. And another. I did mention I'm a writer, didn't I?

But that doesn't have anything to do with an Internet domain, does it? Well, I've been naming my PCs after cities in the country of Yceran, so when I wanted my own domain name, the choice was logical. And it was available!

Just so you know, it's pronounced "ih-sir-arn", with the emphasis on the first syllable. If it was "why-sir-arn" it would be spelt "whyceran". Which it's not. So it ain't.

What are .qf files?

Qompose Files. I wrote my own HTML scripting language. It seems to work quite well. It's basically a CGI script and I found out how to tell Apache to run a CGI script given a particular file extention.

You don't have any mailto: links.

Very observant of you.

Spam and UCE (unsolicited commercial email) are a problem on the 'net in this day and age. One of my spam-minimisation strategies involves careful control over who I give my email address(es) to. Thus, no direct links on my website. I do have my email address hiding off one of the pages, but I doubt people will find it who weren't there for another reason.

So. Email me at static at this domain name.

Okay, what else is there here?

Everything else of interest should be on the main page.