My Resume

No, I am not currently actively looking for work. I am currently in permanent employment.

However, I will consider a role if it is exceptional.

I have a passion for technology being used effectively and efficiently. I would seek a position where this is desired, programming with (preferably) MySQL on Linux in a database-backed application (such as a website) or directly with Linux in a system administation. Internet security or a programming role. My experience in MySQL includes replication and some InnoDB performance tuning, and multi-database scaling. My experience in Linux includes Ubuntu, Debian and RedHat in high-demand environments. I work best in a task-oriented environment with technical responsibilities, but am also interested in further developing team management skills.

I have a number of non-work interests outside my job and will choose for preference a role that has minimal out-of-hours responsibility.

Current Resume

To email me, use

Important note: Some recruiters have either been selling their email databases, or have had malware attacks stealing them. So my address has had to subtly change to combat spammers. Your right to take my address for communicating with me does not permit you to sell it on a list.

The job I currently hold is a senior web developer, principally with PHP and MySQL, Java and JavaScript.

Last updated: 6 Apr, 2013

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