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**Just Add Story

My blog about what finding the story-telling in writing. And how life gets tangled up in it, too. I'm still learning about what it takes to tell a story, but that means I'm learning what it takes for real life to be a story, too. Many people don't know how to do that.


la...EPS Disk Utilities for Linux

Some utilities and information about accessing disks formatted for my sampler from Linux.


CVMy Resume

There's bound to be someone who lands here instead of here where my resume actually is. That's why there's a link to it.



Most of the content on this web server is courtesy of a templating CGI program I wrote called Qompose. You can use it too, if you like.

~~Kids records of the 50s

My dad has a small collection of kids records from the 1950's - sorta like cartoons of the day, except these were audio only.

Kids's records of the 1950's


And just in case you're wondering just what the purpose of this site is, I have a questions page.